you encouraged my love for reading Unisex Adidas Zx Flux 2.0 Camo Groen Nude Schoenenvery early on in my life and I will forever be grateful for you showing me how to escape a terrible world and dive in to a wonderful one without ever having to leave my seat.5 months earlierhellip;We were dead. Not a soul had walked into the cafeacute; for the last two hours, which was Unisex Adidas Zx Flux 2.0 English Nude Schoenencompletely insane for New York City. The Taylor Swift concert in Central Park had completely stolen away all of our patrons. Bored to tears, I scrolled through my phone, looking at pictures of me and Brayden.Brayden was the love of my life. We met our first year at Columbia in Freshman Comp. His messy blond hair and crystal blue eyes had captivated me from the moment he sat down beside me. We had started out as friends but quickly morphed into lovers. Unisex Adidas Zx F


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