The iconic Hollywood film Terminator with the legendary actor Arnold Schwarzenegger becoming history of world cinema, but love watching it to this day. This movie was a great example of how and at small by Hollywood standards of money, you can make a fantastic film, which will be revised tens of years. In continuation of the post I suggest you learn the history of the creation of the first Terminator and see rare archival photos from the set.To invite Schwarzenegger to the role of the robot was not possible. The terminator must be an infiltrator, quietly penetrating to the enemy, and you will not be able to escape in the crowd Arnold. But the beauty of movies is that they dont have to be logical. They should only be credible, he said later.In the result, Arnold got the role of the terminator, and Henriksen got a small role of detective Vukovich (which, by the way, the script needs to be foreman, and became a humble subordinate of Lieutenant Traxler).


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